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Ode to a Teenage Daughter Dad

This is Us. . . the unedited version of the Iler Family

Scott’s thoughts

Each time Erin was pregnant, we were certain that we were having boys. I was ready with my fishing pole gear, the camping trips, building projects, and the list went on.

Each time she delivered, we were more than surprised that we had a healthy, baby girl. Boys are what have had in the Iler family for generations, so when Hannah and Rebecca came into this world, we were more than a bit surprised!

Erin’s thoughts

Before the movement of breaking gender norms, Scott and I just knew that our girls were going to be well rounded, and regardless of having a boy or girl, we wanted them to have all types of experiences.

So, camping became part of our family trips from the time Rebecca was 3 when we drove on windy Highway 1 to Big Sur. We took them to Costa Rica as toddlers and toured dirt roads and desolate beaches for 6 weeks. We taught them not to fear uncomfortable situations but to embrace the opportunity of something new.

Our Thoughts:

Fitting in a box has not been our style, and subsequently, we now have teenage girls who are finding their voices, and of course, not always complying with the guidelines.

We have realized that parenting is not a job that is going to end anytime soon. And I have realized more than ever how lucky we are to have a village help raise our girls.

I am thankful that my girls have a thoughtful dad, one who listens, but I am even more thankful that they have multiple perspectives.

I tend to get a bit too emotional and Scott is the steady pulse in our home. He has the poker face, I should never go to Vegas, because I wear my emotions on my sleeve.

Our girls know that it takes a lot for their dad to get upset and that they can be brutally honest. 9 out of 10 times Scott just listens before he reacts.

That calmness is needed in our home. It’s needed in all homes, whomever provides that for you, take a moment to thank that person.

So, this Father’s Day, we want to thank all the dads in the lives of children and adults. We need our grandpas, we need our uncles, we need our brothers, we need our dads. And if the dads in your life are no longer with you, take a moment and just be. I am sure if you pause, you will feel the strength and calmness surround you.

Worry less, smile more, don't regret,
just learn and and grow. -Unknown
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