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About Us

“There will come a time

                       when you believe

everything is finished; that will be the beginning.”


Erin Iler


I love writing.

My brother gave me a journal on my 12th birthday. It had inspirational messages on each page and I found myself one day, starting to write an entry. I realized after I wrote that day, that I could get my emotions on the page and move on with my “tween woes.” From that point on, I wrote poetry, I wrote short stories, I wrote when I was sad, mad, happy, and all of the emotions in between.  I went to the University of La Verne and I wanted to be a journalist. I studied in the Amazon rainforest, wrote articles on deforestation, won awards at intercollegiate journalism conferences, and then realized that journalism was not the lifestyle I wanted to pursue. 

So, fast forward, 20 years later, I am an elementary school teacher, a mom of two beautifully, feisty, independent young ladies, a wife to an amazing man who believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself, a daughter to the most artistic woman I know, a friend to individuals who inspire me daily by the way they lead their lives, and a person who believes in the essence of humankind. We all have purpose, we all have a voice, and I have found my passion again in this tumultuous pandemic to write. Walk with me as we find words to change the world. Lucy Calkins, renowned professor at Columbia University, founder of The Reading and Writing Project,  says “If you don’t know where to start, write from the heart.” I hope my stories touch your heart and Iler Woods products give you inspiration that there is still goodness all around you. 

Erin Iler, Co-Founder of Iler Woods and

Author of Iler Woods Blog



Pine Spruce Branches 8

I was born and raised in Southern California

and from the time I can remember I’ve always loved being outside surrounded by nature.  This being the case, I went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and majored in Agricultural Education. until I took soil science.  I promptly changed my major to English. For summer work I was a camp counselor on a working ranch, a place I stayed and gained work in a small country school.  

    I moved back to Southern California after a few years of ranch life and began work as a special education teacher.  It is in teaching that I  met the most amazing woman in the world.  She said yes and it has been quite a remarkable journey.  Our two daughters mean the world to us and we strive to balance all aspects of our lives.  

    Come with us as we add yet another portion to  the tapestry we call  life.  Iler Woods is a place we’d like you to call home as well.  Welcome to our space.

Scott Iler, Co-Founder of Iler Woods and

Craftsman of Iler Woods Woodworking


Say HELLO, We love feedback and would like to hear from you.  We read every comment and adjust our offerings and content to meet your wants.  


Hello Ilerwoods,

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the Autumn Tray I ordered from you. It’s absolutely beautiful!  It’s perfect on my dining room table. I love the colors and the craftsmanship is perfect! The biggest surprise though?  Getting it two days after I ordered it!  I couldn’t believe it was already here!  As soon as I decorate for fall I’ll take a picture of it so you can see how beautiful it looks. Thanks again for the beautiful tray and fast delivery, I can’t wait to order again!!

—  Laura

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