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Where do you source your wood from?

We source our lumber from as many small businesses as we possibly can. Sometimes people give us lumber as well, and,  we are in the process of beginning to mill our own wood!  (I always wanted to be a sawyer)


Do you still use repurposed wood?

Yes we do!  When we began the business we worked solely with repurposed wood and there quickly became a want for items that required more of a refined look as well as exotic lumber.  In a nutshell, yes, we use a lot of repurposed lumber but our offerings are inclusive of newly hewn wood.

How do you formulate your pricing?

That is a great question!  when it comes to making a bench (as an example) we will consider labor, material cost, and complexity of product.  prices will vary dependent on these factors but in general, a bench will cost from 90-150.00 but could potentially be more.  CNC work is based on programming, , post processing, setup, machining, milling, and finishing.  We have a 1 time set up fee but can be waived based on the quantity of products ordered..  There 

How long will it take for me to get a custom order?

We try to get your product to you as timely as possible, generally speaking it will take between 7 and 10 days for you to get your order. 


What shipping company do you use?

We use a company named SHIPPO to find the best prices for you, typically we use UPS or USPS


Will my product look exactly like the one listed?

We pride ourselves on the fact that our products are not cookie cutter and there will be variations, woods in like a snowflake in that no two are the same.  Of course our CNC work can be replicated even then, each piece of wood is different.


Do you offer discounted pricing?

Again, we can give discounts on product dependent on the quantity of an item ordered.  However, since we are not a huge company, we are left with a very small profit margin on our products...... we do what we can to give you the best deal we can while still feeding our family.


Will you deliver?

We will deliver free of charge within a 5 mile radius of 91016


Will you make something not listed on your website?

If it is constructed of wood, we can  make it.  Yes, reach out to us.  It is our vision that helps to make your dream come true!


Do you take apprenticeships?

We do not take apprenticeships at the moment but we are certainly looking at this in the near future.

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