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First Impressions

Erin and Scott Iler admire open land and embrace new ideas.

Do you remember your first day of school? Your first day of college? Or even your first “real job?”

First impressions are hard and let’s be honest, they can be scary. We are all experiencing this in the Iler household as we return to in person learning. All of us have become accustomed to our new routine of learning at home, seeing one another on a digital platform, and having the ability to turn off the camera if things are getting too challenging.

My one daughter is entering middle school. The angst of what to wear, what not to wear, how to be an individual but also how to blend in, the art of having a conversation with a mask on, these are all nuances that take up a lot of our talk time during family meals.

The other night, I was thinking about how this relates to adults. As adults, we are faced with a plethora of first time experiences. Regardless of age or circumstance, it doesn’t necessarily get easier.

I started researching famous quotes about starting something new. I wanted to find an inspirational quote that gave me hope that I could conquer something for the first time! However, what I kept reading was . . . “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

And then it came to me, first times are not about perfection. It is about believing in yourself that you can try something new. It might be a bit messy, there will probably be mistakes, and there will be some things that you definitely do not want to replay in your mind. With that being said, I felt at peace with the next step of our business.

Iler Woods is bringing their home to you at the Market

As Scott and I embark on our first in person market, there are a lot of butterflies fluttering in our stomachs. We have enjoyed creating a platform of local artisans showcasing their work, creating an online shop, consulting with clients via zoom, collaborating with other businesses via social media, but now is the real experience. Like my grandma used to say, this is “Where the rubber hits the road.”

Are we ready? Well, just like with any great project, there is hustle and bustle right until showtime. Scott is busily working in the wood shop, curating new items. I have many ideas, so there are multiple projects in my garden shed right now. Scott always chuckles when I say “I was thinking. . .” My creative ideas come to me usually late at night or early morning, so there is a multitude of sketches and sticky notes circling our house right now with designs.

Scott and I have also reflected on what is the purpose of Iler Woods.

We truly believe that home is a feeling not a place.

So with each item that is handmade, we hope to bring an existing space warmer and more inviting for your family and friends. It’s a place where you now want to pause, sip your coffee, and linger for awhile.

So Home collections? Yes

Backyard collections? Yes

Kitchen collections? Yes

Garden collections? Yes

Consultations? Yes. . . of course!

Get ready to walk through Iler Meadows at the Market.

As for Iler Meadows, we are curating florals both dried and fresh, working on our event design, and how to bring that natural beauty to our customers to the first in person market. Many trips have been made to the Flower Mart, Glendora Gardens, and backyard creations to bring to you the earthy blends that we have shown you via our website.

Be prepared to be wowed by our first impression. We want to bring you the experience when you decide to hire Iler Meadows to be your next floral event designers. From weddings to baby showers, from baptisms to bar mitzvahs, we aim to celebrate all of life’s big moments with you.

So, where is the Market?

We are so thankful to Knot Too Shabby for giving us the opportunity to showcase our work. Thank you to Michele, owner of Knot Too Shabby for believing in us! If you haven’t visited her store before, it is a must! This is the opening line on her website. . .

First in Person Market on Saturday, May 1st!

“Nestled in the quaint Downtown Glendora Village, you are sure to find something truly unique for your home! Among the collection of beautifully refurbished furniture are a wide range of vintage oddities, handmade accessories by local artisans and upcycled products created from re-purposed materials.”

You can see why this is a perfect fit for Iler Woods and Iler Meadows. We stand firm in using reclaimed materials, bringing handmade items to you, and using fresh botanicals and herbs from our gardens.

If your interest is peaked, join us on Saturday, May 1st at Knot too Shabby in Glendora. We will be there for the entire day waiting to meet you.

American Television Host, Mike Rowe said, “I’m looking forward to the future and grateful for the past.” I think we can all embody this quote. We can excitedly embrace the future. That first impression might not be that scary if we treat it as an opportunity instead of a threat. After all, Comfort doesn't always help us to grow. We have to be a little uncomfortable at times to truly stretch our brains and see what we are capable of becoming.

Iler Woods can't wait to meet you

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