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What do you Remember?

Memories over these Past Two Years. . .

Meet Scott and Erin Iler- owners of Iler Woods.

August always stirs up quite a bit of emotion in the Iler household.

As educators, parents, milestone birthdays, and anniversaries, we really think of each August as the start of a New Year for us.

New Year’s Resolutions are made about this new time of year, exercise routines, holiday traditions, past vs present, and the list goes on.

I came across this quote by Nelson Mandela -

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

How true this is for all aspects of life.

Starting our business two years ago in the heat of the summer, during a global pandemic seemed almost impossible in the beginning.

Not the woodworking aspect, or the blog, or hosting holiday markets. . . that all seemed quite manageable.

What seemed extremely challenging was managing an online business from home and managing our everyday life.

Social media (that was like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Erin)

Updating a website

Marketing and Advertising (virtually)

Collaborating with Businesses

Growing the business

Check out our new line of Iler Woods Wedding Decor.

Moving from a hobby into a business is not an easy task, BUT it is so worth the labor!!!

We are so proud of being small business owners. The ability to see Scott hone his craft as a woodworker has been so exciting to watch.

The freedom to write again and reignite a passion has been life changing for me. Collaborating with so many creative individuals are some of the proud moments we have had over these past two years.

Join us as we celebrate for the entire month! We have so many exciting items and events coming your way! It truly is a commemorative month. Anniversary Sales, Giveaways, New Product Items, Holiday Market Reveal, and so much more!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for believing in Iler Woods. Your strength, your virtual applause, your belief that we all can enjoy the small moments in our lives continues to catapult us forward.

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