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Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin’
Summer loving had me a blast
Summer loving happened so fast.

I think John Travolta and Olivia Newton John were on to something. Summer lovin’ does happen so fast. I can’t believe that it is almost June and we are nearing the season where we can kick up our feet, have sand in between our toes, and make stargazing a top priority on my To-Do list each day.

I am not sure about you but each year I make all these bucket lists of things we need to do for the upcoming holiday or season. Sometimes we conquer the entire list and sometimes we may only complete 1 or 2. This year, I am deciding to have a different approach. I want to be more in the moment and not have a goal in mind.

Iler Woods is committing to not over committing this summer.

What??? No goal setting. I know it sounds crazy. It’s like a deconstructed dessert. I am always wondering why I would want a lemon tart that is taken apart into pieces when I watch the Food Network.I love lemon tarts all put together. However, the point of it is to enjoy each part of the dessert.

I am learning about myself that although I love to have goal setting, reflection, time to refine my goals, sometimes I am too focused on the end goals or of what is to come. Timers, schedules, to do lists, zoom meetings (yes, they still do exist), all require a strict regimen.

So, Scott and I really thought about what would be a perfect summer that would bring us back to our childhood memories. This is what stood out in our minds:

  • Beach time

  • Camping Trips

  • Late night hangouts with friends

  • Water balloon fights

  • Outdoor Games

  • Reading books lazily

  • Taking up hobbies without a time limit

So, we decided to create an outdoor oasis in our backyard that would be a spot not only for the girls but a spot for us to rekindle some of our childhood freedom.

Outdoor couches are a must at the Iler homestead.

Scott built large outdoor couches that could be used to sit around and enjoy meals, play a game of checkers, stargaze, read a book, or stare at a campfire. I knew I wanted them simple and sleek, where we could easily wash down the area or cozy up with afghans on a brisk night. I sent him some pictures of what I wanted and then the magic happened.

The outdoor couches were made primarily with 4 x4s and 2 x 6s. The design was an adaptation from something by @anawhite. Scott used the 4 x 4 because we knew there would be a lot of use out of these couches. The bench top was actually built as a second piece and laid on the couch frame. These pieces were stained with “special walnut” and he incorporated pocket screws and dowels. By the way, if you would like some custom outdoor furniture, DM us for further details.

So, when the couches were built, the cushions were ordered, and the Boho inspired blankets were placed on the cushions, I knew the first part of my perfect summer was accomplished. This was the base of the entire backyard. A place to feel relaxed and comfortable, to know its okay to kick up your feet, and also find time to linger just a little bit longer after a meal.

But, since I am trying not to have a bunch of lists this summer, I am content knowing that I have time to just hang out, that's what my girls are calling it these days. I can stare at my growing Acacia plants, gaze at the veggies peaking over the garden gate, or sip my coffee, maybe even two cups on a Tuesday morning, rather than rushing to work.

Take a moment to see what is blooming.

Sounds like a perfect setting for some deconstructed moments during summer. I can't wait to let you know what unfolds during these next few months. It's kind of exciting to not really have an end goal insight.

Oh, and by the way, the couches were made with a budget in mind. Everyone deserves a small oasis in their home, a little getaway. . .

Iler Woods is committed to bringing you that coming home feeling, but also make it attainable for all people. If you have a chance, check out our galleries, we would love to bring your Idea of a Perfect Summer Space to life.

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