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Spreading Love like Wild Flowers

Meet the owners of Iler Meadows- Suzanne and Erin

A year ago, we wrote our mission statement for Iler Meadows. . . this is what we branded.

There's an emotion that is created when someone receives a custom bouquet of flowers. Hope, happiness, healing, a memory of time past. . . each hand picked floral design is created with the receiver's heart in mind. We want to create timeless floral arrangements that cannot be replicated because each person is unique just like the flowers we are using.

After reading over our mission statement for Iler Meadows, our goal for our first year of our business was to spread love like wildflowers. . .

Let’s see if it is spreading. . .

It started as local deliveries for holiday favorites. We designed for Valentine’s Day, florals in vintage glassware for Mother’s Day, small gatherings and philanthropic events.

We designed small backyard weddings and elopements.

Our flowers started to spread to more life events as we entered each new month in 2022.

What we didn’t realize, is the act of arranging, designing, and floral giving would open an entire new world to relationship building.

Last March we introduced ourselves to the amazing owner of Saint Clark Bridal Suite, Lisa Sigala Clark. What we hoped to create was a giveaway for a springtime social media collaboration. Little did we know that this one conversation would lead to mentorship, wedding vendor collaborations, and above all else, a friendship.

You see when the heart and mind are aligned, anything is possible.

It hasn’t just been about designing flowers and making a profit. It has been more about hearing each individual’s story, finding out the vision of each client, and truly creating a relationship with each individual. We can truly say that we know each one of our clients.

I have often heard be careful what you ask for. So, spreading love like wildflowers? I feel like we have met so many unique men and women that are leaving lasting imprints on our hearts. They are spreading love to us and what we have found is. . . it is contagious.

The more we meet others, here about traditions, family connections, individual visions, couples living around the country, families flying internationally to reconnect, the more we are drawn to take on new projects, new mood boards, and floral engineering.
The momentum that is fueling Iler Meadows is truly powered by passion, love, and human connection.

It might sound a bit too sappy, but when we finish designing at a wedding, we always get teary eyed. The idea that a couple trusted us to bring their vision to life is special and monumental. Our hearts are part of the project.

So 1 year later, we are proud to highlight some of our amazing accomplishments.

Here is the line up:

  • Designed 18 weddings in 2021

  • 3 styled photo shoots

  • Collaborations with 3 bridal boutiques

  • Sourcing our botanicals from local Growers

  • Working with 3 family owned vendors at the Los Angeles Flower Mart

  • Upcycling glassware to leave a smaller carbon footprint

  • Designing for 20th Anniversary of Hollywood Prayer Network

  • Becoming a Preferred Vendor for SBSN (Something Borrowed Something New) facebook group with 16K followers

  • Consulting with a power house team of women professionals

  • Creating Friendships and Relationships with our clients

We proudly are standing a bit taller as our floral business is blooming. Beauty is all around us. You sometimes just have to pause a moment, and look around. There is goodness, kindness, and love in all of us. May Iler Meadows continue to spread joy to others this year and bring your floral visions to life!

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