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So much can happen in one year

J.R.R. Tolkien said “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

Iler girls growing up

One day, one week, one month, one year. .. not sure how time works, but what I do know is that it is fleeting. Every year around this time, I get a bit sentimental. It is the start of a new school year, and it is my daughter’s birthday. She is turning 13 in one week, and it sounds cliche, but I do not know where time has gone. I feel like it was just yesterday when I was up from many sleepless nights, walking with the stroller to the park, chasing peacocks at the arboretum, and watching Sesame Street.

Now, when I look at her, she is taller than me, inquisitive with her eyes, and questioning the world around her. She is growing up to be an independent young lady. . . which is what we were hoping for when she was born. So, as a parent, it has been an adjustment to watch time transform and develop our child.

Time has also been interesting in our adult lives. One year ago, Scott and I sat at this farm table, where I write my weekly blogs to seriously think if we were ready to take on launching a business during a pandemic. It was exciting, scary, fun, and a bit stressful all rolled up into one.

When we decided to go for this one year ago, we had a logo, a blog post, and a beautiful website that our creative director had designed for us.

However, we really had no idea where this venture would lead us. And as tradition, with each birthday in the Iler family, we created a photo montage of our favorite highlights of the year. We started this when our first daughter turned 1, and we call it a labor of love!

It takes time to reflect, find the favorite pictures and moments, but it also culminates and celebrates all that we have done in 365 days.

We wanted to share with you the journey we embarked on a year ago and the proud moments we have had as a business.

September 1st, 2020- Launched Iler Woods website and my first blog

There are now over 60 inspirational blogs on our site. . .

September 30, 2020- Launched Iler WoodWorks shop- 4 items in the shop

There are now 20 curated items in the shop.

October 1, 2020- First Giveaway to our followers- we had 50 followers

There are now almost 500 followers, and we have an amazing giveaway coming your way!

October 15, 2020- Welcomed 3 artisans to the Iler Woods family

WE currently have 8 artisans interested in our Holiday shop. Stay tuned if you are interested!

November 1, 2020- First Home Renovation/Restoration for Iler Woods

Scott has now completed 7 home renovation/restoration projects for clients.

November 15, 2020- Collaboration with our first business- Thank you Ellery Mae Candle Co!

There are now over 6 local businesses we are collaborating with.

12 Days of Iler Woods- launched virtually December 2020

November 25, 2020- Launched our first Iler Woods Cafe Holiday Shop virtually

Get Ready- this year we plan to be in person for our Iler Woods Holiday Shop!!!

January 23, 2021 - Launched Iler Meadows - our floral business, dynamic mother daughter duo, launched with Erin and Suzanne.

There are over 10 weddings this fall that we will be designing for the special day.

Thank you to our amazing Collaboration with Saint Clark Bridal Suite- voted #1 in San Gabriel Valley for their bridal boutique.

We have also partnered with Creekside Lodge Mount Baldy as a preferred vendor.

March 2021- First School Collaboration with Bulk Order from Iler Woods

Currently curating Fundraising Catalogs for Schools

May 3, 2021 First In Person Iler Woods pop up Shop at Knot Too Shabby, Glendora, CA

Pop ups coming your way this fall.

June 30, 2021- Editor of Voyage LA magazine reached out to Iler Woods to feature our business in Hidden Gems of LA

August 5th- featured in a publication with over 60K followers

August 14, 2021- First Red Carpet Event- Thank you to Hollywood Prayer Network.

A bit intimidating for Scott and Erin Iler- since we are used to gardening and woodworking!

September 1, 2021- First IG live with a fellow small business discussing how to promote small businesses and entrepreneurism.

Many more to follow. .

Thank you VoyageLA for sharing our story with others.

This is a large timeline, and some people have asked how do you have time for all of this?

We aren’t going to lie, there have been moments when we noticed our core values were starting to get out of alignment.

We launched Iler Woods to create simplicity in the 21st century. We believe everyone needs time out of their day to rest, observe, cultivate hidden passions, and find balance in the bustling world.

So, we are reminding ourselves- to not forget what we stand for, and taking breaks from business to make sure that “life moments” are not getting missed as well.

I am learning the power of No, when I can’t take on one more task. I am learning that mental health is more important than adding another accomplishment to my hat.

I am also learning that above anything else, human connection is what we strive for. It is what we need for support, for encouragement during the best of times and the worst of times, it is the interaction among our friends and family that help us with our day to day moments.

Scott’s mom is coming to town this next week to celebrate some life moments with us. We can’t wait to hear her play the piano, to enjoy her yummy cinnamon rolls, and to hear the laughter of the kids. I can imagine there are going to be many warm moments when we are together!

So, the countdown to many exciting personal moments and business moments are on the horizon. We hope we continue to spark warmth in your hearts and homes. We are excited to serve our community and interact with our followers. It is truly because of you believing in us that we have continued on the Iler Woods journey.

Crisp Autumn Breeze- Iler Woods collaborates with Ellery Mae Candle Co.
Don’t forget to Mark your Calendar!
September 1st is our birthday. To kick off the celebration, we will be launching our new candle scent from Ellery Mae Candle Co. We will also be hosting an IG live with the amazing business owner behind this successful business. . . get ready for this next bend in the Iler Woods Journey.

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