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Iler Woods Finds Simplicity

Inspiring you to live in the Moment

BE thankful for the struggles you go through. They make you stronger, wiser and humble. Don’t let them break you. Let them make you.

Erin Iler Embraces the change in seasons.

I read this quote as I was scrolling through Instagram the other day. I tend to not be on social media for pleasure. I actually try hard to be off of social media when I am not working for our business.

However, right before I was finishing posts for Iler Woods Holiday shop this quote popped up and I paused to read it. I was stunned by the bluntness of the quote.

BE thankful for the struggles you go through. . .

It’s so hard in the midst of a challenging time to be thankful for the struggle.

However, for every struggle I have gone through it has added another piece to my identity tapestry.

Big struggles that have shaped me. . .

My mom was sick for an entire year in my 6th grade year.

My senior year of high school I was told by a teacher that I should not apply for the Honors program in college.

My dad passed away when I was six weeks pregnant with our first daughter.

Scott and I rented for 7 years in a home that had numerous eye sores but we couldn’t afford to buy.

Our daughter underwent 3 surgeries at the age of 6.

In the moments that were so challenging, there were words or phrases that helped pick me up.

Sometimes it was a quote that I read from a magazine, a card that was sent to me, or a verbal positive pick me up. I still have a magnet on my refrigerator that a friend sent to me when I didn’t think I had the strength as a mom to see my child endure so much pain.

The words resonated to me all those years ago, and today they serve as a reminder on my refrigerator door of how strong an individual can be.

So, with that being said, I decided that I wanted to create a weekly positivity calendar for the upcoming year. It is called “Iler Woods Finds Simplicity.” The phrases are reminders and reflections of living life and how to really take one day at a time.

It is our hope that these words fuel your soul to slow down, make changes, or simply gain hope for daily living.

This will be up in our holiday shop and available to purchase on our website beginning December 1st. It consists of 52 cards- with phrases or thoughts from our weekly blog posts with Iler Woods. With the purchase you will receive the cards, a rustic holder to gift to a friend to set on their desk, in their home, in a meditative area, or even in a garden shed where you can find space to be creative and at peace.

Remember, humans are the mammal that have the ability to not only communicate but to truly feel deep emotions. Give yourself grace to feel all of your emotions and move forward with positivity. Your actions and your words have the ability to change the world.

Pre Order your Iler Woods Simplicity Calendar this Holiday Season.

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