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#Best Life

Are you living your best life?

Two months ago. . . I will be completely transparent, I wasn’t living my best life. I was spinning my wheels as a teacher, trying to assimilate children back into a traditional classroom, parenting adolescent girls that are on a rollercoaster daily, working too many hours in a day, and not present in my personal life and home life.

It is hard to admit failure or defeat. But, when I felt like all of the plates were beginning to spin out of control, it was time to give myself a time out.

I was fortunate enough to be able to take care of my health before my health took me out.

I think many people thought I was unable to handle the daily stresses.

I can handle daily stresses, I can handle traumatic experiences, but what I found was that somewhere, deep inside of me I was having a hard time bouncing back from pandemic living. Although life was supposed to be “back to normal,” there are still a lot of things in our daily living that are not normal. I was so busy worrying about how everyone else was doing in our household, that somehow, in the mix, I forgot to take care of myself.

So, as I took a personal leave (my time out), I had time to quiet my mind, my heart, and reconnect with what truly matters to me.

Erin Iler reconnects with what truly matters.

These are my findings that I found along the way. . .

My heart belongs to my family. . . I actually enjoy brewing coffee in the morning, getting breakfast ready for everyone, and preparing our family for a new day. I like being the one who plays silly music to wake kids up out of bed and setting a positive intention for the day.

My heart also belongs to my home. . .

It sounds weird to say that I love my house. A house is just four walls, but what is created within the four walls with the people you share the space with- that is where the magic lies.

Before anything else, my home is a sacred place, a soft landing, where I have always wanted it to be comforting to say “ahh, so glad I came home.”

My heart covets family meals together gathering around the dining room table.

As a child growing up, the kitchen table was a place where we ate meals, where we did homework, where I sat as an emotional teen crying over relationships. The table was more than a piece of wood, it signified time to refocus.

Scott and I realize more than ever that family meals is the heart of the day, when we can all unpack what happened and truly keep this a sacred time.

My heart acknowledges that although my right side of my brain works really hard to analyze and problem solve, it is the left part of my brain that allows my creativity to flow and to regenerate growth in my soul. I was able to truly immerse myself into the creative world and find that my hobbies and hidden talents can truly grow into something amazing.

My heart finally realized that although we are always in a constant battle with time, it is more about how do you make the time to do the things you truly love and value. Escaping to Zion on a 4 day adventure in the middle of November was probably not the most opportune time for school and work schedules. . .

But, on the flip side, it was the most opportune time for our family. . . exactly what we all needed. Connecting with nature, challenging ourselves to dare greatly on new hikes, to snuggle up in the RV at night, singing at the camp showers, and making hot cocoa in the morning by the campfire, this was all precious time that I relished. It is the stuff that makes unforgettable memories.

My heart also learned how to silence the chatter and noise around me, and to stay focused on what makes my heart happy. The buzz that surrounds us should not invade our space. You have the power to keep it at arm's distance.

So, when I returned to my “daily grind” I realized that I was re centered, more grounded with what matters. I realized that I am now “Living My Best Life,” but I wouldn’t have found that out if I hadn’t given myself permission to take a small break.

So, I challenge you, are you living your best life? Are you feeling fulfilled? What do you need to do to truly live fully? You might realize that you need a break- it’s not as hard as you think. Allow yourself the space to pause, reflect, and then move forward.

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Love, love, love this! I'm so happy you were blessed with the opportunity to take 'your well deserved break'. Since I've retired, I too, now have to opportunity to refresh myself, take care of my health and basically enjoy each day that I have been given. Your story is inspiring Erin, thank you for sharing. Looking forward to new inspirational posts. 😊💚

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