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Awake My Soul

Erin Iler finds beauty in nature.

There is a popular song titled “Awake My Soul” by Mumford and Sons.

As Scott and I drove through the woods of Maine and crossed the border into New Hampshire a week ago, the song began to play. I stared at the open highway and looked at the shades of green, the open space, no other cars on the road, and my brain began to drift.

I physically felt my jaw soften, the sunlight warm my skin, and the smells of the woods take over me.

The lyrics go like this . . .

Lend me your hand and we'll conquer them all

But lend me your heart and I'll just let you fall

Lend me your eyes I can change what you see

But your soul you must keep, totally free

Awake my soul

For you were made to meet your maker. . .

I don’t get these moments all of the time. As a mom, it is hard to quiet my mind and just be. It almost feels wrong to sit and just relax when the laundry is overflowing, there are groceries to be purchased, listen to teenage angst, and follow up on new inquiries for the businesses.

But when I looked over at Scott in the driver’s seat, I realized that these moments are a gift. And they should not be taken lightly. Your loved ones are to be relished and the outside world can often seep into your inner circle. It is only when you get a moment to pause can you awaken your soul again.

For some people it might be a religious experience, for others it might be a moment of honesty with your partner, for others it might be staring at yourself in the mirror and saying “hello again.”

For me, it was driving in the woods and just being.

Pulling off the side of the highway, walking maybe 15 feet down the dirt path, we immediately both said “Christmas.” The smell of evergreen wafted through the trees. I am not exaggerating when I say that this scent truly felt like we were at a Christmas Tree lot.

I thank White Mountain Range in New Hampshire for producing the most comforting smell that I needed on that Saturday afternoon.

It awakened me and it made me invigorated. Ten more feet of walking and we were at the water’s edge of Saco River. This is where I knew Scott felt like he had come home for his well being. The river has always had a magical pull over him. He looked out across the rocks, the swirling of the little rapids, and there was pure joy in his eyes.

It's amazing what nature can do for the mind and body. I know I write about this often but it never gets old. I am quickly reminded that these experiences are my “Disneyland moments.”

My whole body was excited after this dip into nature, finding bridges, century old barns, walking through the woods hoping to see a moose, and admiring the sunlight through the trees.

Awaken your Soul. You might be surprised that it doesn’t take much. It’s from within. . .

Iler Woods found a New Hampshire bridge that led them to new awakenings.

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08 juil. 2022

I can almost smell Christmas! Beautiful pictures! I feel your and Scott's joy and peace!


So gorgeous and peaceful!

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