We feel inspired and compelled to simplify life

during the 21st century. 


Father's Day is right around the corner and Iler Woods would like to invite you to shop our Father's day page.  Remember that we can personalize virtually anything we make.  Check out the page and see how we can help you honor dad or any father figure who has helped you along the way.


Iler Woods is proud to help and support Habitat for humanity! The month of April is National Home Owner's month!
Iler Woods has created a signature wooden key rack for the home and is being sold through our website.  The cost is $15 and 20% of each sale will go back to Habitat for Humanity
You can purchase these charming key holders beginning today through June 30th.  Click



We have created a platform of local artists, craftsmanship, and creative thinkers who want to share their passion for life with you. Organic, back to basics, vintage, authentic, are all trendy words. However, our network truly embraces people for their natural talents and how each person has a gift to bring to the table. That warm feeling you get after you drink hot cocoa or roast marshmallows around a campfire. . . . we aim to spark that innocent bliss in the items we create.