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Iler Woods has been working on this product for 2 years and we finally cracked the code!   We like to call it functional art!   Now you can get your URL (web address) carved in wood.  Having your QR code carved out of wood will put you a step beyond competitors.  We know of no other business that offers carved QR codes, These codes are everywhere and readily missed.  Be different, it will be easy to spot this piece of functional art. If you already have a QR code it's not a problem, the new one will not negate the old one. For now we are offering a variety of variants starting at 40.00. Reach out to us and make your order today!

  • web address
  • restaurant / bar menu
  • airbnb rental info
  • wedding information
  • instagram
  • paypal
  • squareup
  • twitter
  • anywhere you want people to find information on your site, business, page....

QR code art

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