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This planter is made from 4x4 hem-fir, each geometric cut is made randomly and as Iler Woods promises, no 2 items are the same.   These planters will go great on your desk, window-sill, bathroom sink.... The planters with the pencil holes will be apprecate by teachers, office managers, bosses, or anyone trying to get organized and add a bit of greenry.  Iler Woods has chosen colors based on what the Iler family likes, however, if you want a different color let us know, a small charge will be applied for colors we do not have, contact us for specifics.    

Origami Air planter

  •   Air plants must be submerged fully in water x1 weekly for 20-30 minutes.  Full indirect sunlight is best for plant health.  Our planters are painted with interior paint only.

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