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This set has sold and we are in the process of crafting, “season 2.” (Beyond).  Please inquire about getting a personalized chess board crafted for you.  Since these sets are made specifically for each buyer there is a 6-8 week turnaround time


This is our first of four chess sets. This set is named Season1. (The Beginning). Each piece in the quadriptych will be equally as beautiful as the first and so very different.

The Live edge pine playing board was fashioned out of stock brought from Big Bear, Ca. The dark color of the board is created by using a Japanese wood art technique called Shou Sugi Ban, the wood is burned with a torch and then rubbed to a high gloss finish using another piece of wood which creates friction and leaves the piece smooth. On the back of this board is a larger than life chess king used to adorn the board. Finally, the board was coated in 7 layers of UV resistant polyurethane. Our chess pieces were made using Red Oak and Walnut. On one side they are checkers and on the other side they are chess.

Each chess Piece has been inlayed with crushed stone. The black stone is called Jet Stone, and the white is call Selenite. To keep the game pieces together, Iler Woods created a box using Walnut and Red Oak (a nod to the chess pieces) and lined it using Hunter Green Velvet. The board and pieces you see here are the ones you will get, no one else will EVER have this unique set! In Addition, we have included an extra king and queen for both sides.

Complete Chess Set

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