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The Essence of Paint

Suzanne B Grycel, a woman who has been honing her craft for a lifetime. She began painting when she was a new mom. She taught art lessons to children and studied watercolor, acrylic, and ceramics. Her art throughout the years has transformed from a crafty piece of work to exquisite show pieces with furniture. What she loves most about her painting is “she can take something old, and put a new spin on it.” Chalk paint, belt sanders, paintbrushes, cloth, and sponges can take any old buffet or chair and transform them into a focal point in a room. She gathers her inspiration from her garden, her family, nostalgic momentos, and embracing the phrase “Art speaks where words are unable to explain.”

The ebb and flow of life has allowed Suzanne to grow in her craft and spirit. Suzanne took a ten year hiatus from her creative side when her husband passed away. Recently, she has become reinvigorated to share her talent and passion with the world. She has made a comeback with a different perspective, fresh look, and extraordinary pieces. She hopes her art helps people to enjoy the beauty all around them!

She not only sells her furniture on Ilerwoods but she works with clients to refurbish vintage furniture. She has renovated dining room tables, kitchen cabinetry, chairs, armoires, and more!

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