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Back by popular demand! This AMAZING set has been a GIFTING FAVORITE! Purchasers cannot rave enough about the quality of wood, the sizing of the board to hold all of your FAVORITE pampering supplies, and what a beautiful addition it is to the bathroom.


This exclusive deal includes a cedar spa board (to use in your bath), a set of our painted spa stones, a 10oz Hand Poured Candle, and a set of 3 mono-candelabras with taper candles included!


Our spa board is made using redwood we got from a local independent lumber company.   The boards are measured at 30'X11".  Across the top 1/3 of the board we have milled a trench, this allows the user to bring a phone or electronic device with them to the tub.  The groove measures 12' long and is 1/2' wide and an internal groove of 1/4".  On the underside of the board we have attached 2 cedar "stops". These allow the board to fit snug in your tub and these stops can be moved if you have a wider, or a more narrow tub. 

Oiled Cedar Spa Board Set

  • These boards are conditioned with triple boiled linseed oil and should be reconditioned every 6 months or when the luster begins to fade.

    Electronics note:  If you decide to take your personal device into the tub and put it on our board, Iler Woods will not be responsible for any damage that may occur if your device makes contact with water.

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