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Who is behind the curtain?

Meet Scott Iler and his assistants for Iler Woods.
So, questions are always asked if Scott Iler is truly the one man band behind this woodworking business.

The answer is Yes and No.

We decided to take you on a behind the scenes interview with the assistants that help Scott out on a daily, weekly, and seasonal basis.
Thank you to Scott for taking a break from creating, to co-writing this post.

Meet Billy:

A band saw such as Billy is a woodworking tool with a flexible ribbon-like blade that rotates continuously around two wheels to make straight or curved cuts.

He’s like a musical conductor, but instead of directing an orchestra, the blade is directed to shred through wood, metal, and even bone. With a band saw, you can have the satisfaction of slicing through things without buying a sword.

Meet Tanya:

Tanya table saw is a bladed spinning machine that is used to rip wood, cut angles, and generally make you feel like a carpentry beast. It’s a machine that everyone should have in their workshop, ready to chop wood with great precision.

Meet Robby:

Robby router is a power tool used to hollow out grooves or shape edges of wood, plastic, or even metal. It's like a magic wand for carpentry; you just wave it around, and the wood transforms into beautiful curves and shapes. Ok, it’s a little more complicated than that. . .

Meet Jane:

Jane jointer is awesome! You first place your piece of wood on the bed with the rough side up and adjust the cutting depth of the blades to your desired thickness. With the machine on, slowly push the piece of wood over the knives as the cutterhead rotates, removing the high spots and leaving a flat, even surface behind. You can think of it like ironing out a wrinkled shirt, except for wood.

Meet Spike:

Spike spindle sander is kind of finicky, you first choose the correct size and shape of the sanding sleeve for your job and slide it onto the spindle. Turn on the machine and hold your workpiece against the moving sandpaper, moving it in a circular motion as you go. It's like a giant manicure drill for wood; smoothing out rough edges and shaping curves to perfection.

Meet Paulina:

When I use Paulina planer, it is like giving your lumber a spa day. It comes out of that machine silky smooth! Make sure to wear ear protection when using an electric wood planer, unless you want to hear the sweet sounds of a jackhammer concert for the rest of your life.

Seriously, this machine is among the loudest in any shop.

Meet Dylan:

To use Dylan drill press, I first secure the material I want to drill onto the table with clamps or a vise. Next, I adjust the height and angle of the drill press table and choose the appropriate drill bit for the project.

Then, I lower the spinning drill bit onto the material using the lever or handle, and let the drill do the work - just be sure to wear eye protection to keep any flying wood chips or metal shavings out of your eyes.

Meet Tanya and all of her cousins:

To use Tanya tape measure, first make sure you're holding the correct end. Then, extend the tape and line it up with the edge of the material you want to measure, being careful not to poke your eye out with the hook.

And remember, when it comes to measuring twice and cutting once, there's no shame in measuring three or four times

if you're feeling extra cautious. . . a fifth time is ok.

Erin Iler - another assistant to the woodworking creations and blog writer for Iler Woods.

So, the long answer is Scott truly does do all of the woodworking solo. He is the guy behind the curtain making magic with all of his woodworking artisanship.

Erin and the girls are there to assist with sanding, staining, packaging, and what Scott loves to say “Make it look pretty for the customer.”

What is on the horizon?

Well, with the business growing and evolving, we have contemplated the idea of some apprenticeships.However, we are a small business and plan to stay true to our vision. For every person who wants to join the journey, this is what we believe.

“We are proud to bring quality, handmade items to each customer. We believe in fair trade and responsibly sourcing our wood. We aim to spark warmth in your personal space, the place you call home.

Come meet the Iler Woods family at the Spring Market on Friday, May 12th at Grey and Cash in Monrovia, Ca. There will be an amazing lineup of handcrafted items and artisans from 4:30-7:30 pm.

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